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    Translation: With our global network, we can provide top quality translation services between dozens of languages, specializing in translations for a number of technical and commercial fields. Our well trained, experienced, and professional translators ensure accuracy and truly help to turn the language barrier into a bridge to success. In addition, our professional translation memory software application provides high-quality and money-saving multi-language solutions that are tailor-made for you.

    We have a large pool of interpreters around the globe, who are experienced in consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, and other interpretation services. J&Y has helped several hundred customers with international meetings and teleconferencing.

    Proofreading: All proofreading is done by native speakers and specialists of the target language to make sure that your text is free of any grammatical errors, misspelled words, misused punctuations, omissions, mistranslations, improper syntax, or stylistic deviation. We proofread and edit your original documents on hard-copy printouts, handwritten and electronic documents, and keep you informed of any inconsistencies.

    Multimedia Translation
    Translation and Production for CD: A VCD or DVD will have film, recording of meeting, recording of activities, presidents’ speeches, training courses, advertisement, product display etc which needs to be translated into another language. We try our best to provide our customers with a one-stop and customized service. This service can be based on the customer’s needs and divided into a few smaller tasks:

    We can listen to the information from the dialogue or speech on the CD and translate it into the targeted language simultaneously.

    Making use of professional tools, we can erase the subtitle from the original CD and display the targeted language at the precise position.

    According to the request of he clients, we can make use of a man or lady’s voice, delete away the original sound, and dubbed with the sound of the targeted language;

    According to the request of the clients, we will produce the requested quantity of CDs.

    Translation and Production for Flash: We make use of our advantage in technical abilities to pursue the change of time. Not only can we translate the text from flash to a target language of your choice, but we can also provide a one-stop type of service where we can present to you a target language flash in an original style.

    If you can provide us with the source files, images and fonts of the flash, this can definitely help us to finish the work much faster. Of course, if you can only provide us with the flash file, we can still complete the job.

    Multi-language Desktop Publishing: Our world-class performance over the last few years in handling and managing DTP work has given our customers the highest quality desktop publishing products with the flexibility that allows for last minute changes. We specialize in the production of essential technical manuals, service manuals, instruction manuals, and operational guides among others. Our SGML and XML technology gives you the most cutting edge electronic publishing solutions in the industry.

    The perfect integration of translation software technology and automatic layout technology produces high efficiency translations and DTP solutions for even the longest, in-depth technical documents.

    Our skilled and knowledgeable electronic publishing team uses powerful DTP applications and fonts that support different languages on different platforms and versions of DTP software.

    The experienced professionals at J&Y are responsible for the editing of technical manuals, description of technical illustrations, layout and design. We continuously update our technology, streamline our work processes, and fully guarantee the best possible results.

    Web site localization: People prefer reading a web site in their native language, so it is critical to localize and translate your web pages into the desired target language. Our technical translation team and engineering team guarantee quick delivery and cost-effectiveness by using specialized software, and can really help you to build brand recognition and attract more customers in any region.

    Software localization: Our software localization solution enables your customers to use your software in their own language. Our software localization team consists of the project manager, native technical translators, DTP experts, software and website localization engineers. They work with a scientific management process to ensure successful delivery of your localized software product, on time, and within budget.