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Shenzhen J&Y Translation Co., Ltd. is committed to providing translation and localization services in the fields of electronic, telecommunication, IT, biology, medical and commerce, law, etc. Our company promotes a strategy of using the top talents and an overall quality control system. We have a professional inhouse translation department and a team of native translators from France, Holland, Sweden and various nationalities. We are competent in translating a variety of different languages. J&Y makes use of localization tools like Trados in carrying out the management of projects and terms. In addition, interpretation, desktop publishing and website translation are also gradually becoming our new areas of advantages.

We place emphasis on the perseverance and considerateness, being the key virtues of a man of integrity, which in turn are also the essence of our philosophy and help us to gain confidence and trust from our clients. We also stress the importance of professionalism which underlines our goals of rendering services to our clients.

Our clients can always benefit from our team which:
  • has sophisticated professional skills, rich experience in translation and all-around knowledge;
  • is provided with a complete quality system and strict confidentiality management;
  • renders careful, speedy, honest and efficient service;
  • has a strict, down-to-earth and punctual style of vocational work;
  • tends to learn constantly, pursue perfection and innovate bravely in spirit;

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